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"The master attributes of leaders are clarity and a high level of self awareness. Because they are committed to continuous improvement on a personal level, they allow themselves the luxury of slowing down and thinking carefully about how they come across to people. They ask questions such as : What is that I’m doing that’s not effective as it could be?"


Graham Alexander


Each executive program is tailor made to meet your EXACT requirements and desired outcomes.

In order to improve your performance and to accelerate your professional development we go through an effective process with well-defined steps.

Phase One - Developement formal commitments
During this phase we meet with the client/sponsor to identify the performance issues, formulate outcomes, clarify expectations and get commitments. This phase is completed face to face. There may be some additional supporting documentation that will need to be completed through email/post.
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Phase Two - Gather Information & Creation of Professional Development Plan
During this phase we gather information about the client's performance issues, we will review any existing performance data, conduct some interviews and ask the client to complete some assessments/questionnaires. We will provide feedback and help the client create a professional development plan. We also get commitments for Phase Three. (Note: Phases One and Two usually take 2 to 4 weeks.)
Phase Three - Coach
During this phase the actual coaching process begins. Depending on requirements this can be a mixture of face to face, telephone and email sessions. We are completely flexible with regards to this. The duration and frequency of the sessions are jointly determined as well as their planning.
Phase Four - Evaluate & Follow-up
During the final phase we report on the client’s progress, evaluate the coaching assignment and help the client build support structures to maintain new behaviours and relationships.


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