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"The ultimate leader is one who is willing to develop people to the point that they eventually surpass him or her in knowledge and ability."

Fred A. Manske Jr

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"Remember people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold - but so does a hard-boiled-egg".

“One to one performance coaching is the way for both organisations and individuals to significantly impact the bottom line.”  

Fortune Magazine

Middle management
The middle management in any company is the most volatile with regards to retention and performance. They need to be developed, challenges and stretched. They are those who want to progress but not have what it takes just yet or there are the middle managers who are content on doing a great job and going home on time. There is nothing wrong with both approaches. Coaching will help them to develop to the next level and give them a thorough grounding in all the skills that are required to be successful in your organisation and to sustain its development.
Meeting Collaboration Coaching Middle Management
High potential
You have identified top flyers – the senior executive managers of tomorrow. You want to groom them for the future so that they can enhance your company and stay with you instead of going to the competition.  Tailor-made programs are built to ensure that they have the skills and competencies to go all the way.
Executive out of site
Time is running so quickly every day and you do not support enough your senior executives who are out of site. How much time do you spend with them to listen to them, challenge their ideas, being a sounding board so they can use their global potential. Coaching can be a tremendous support to ensure that they perform with a maximum efficiency and pro activity but remaining aligned with the strategy of the company. We propose distance coaching to suit to their schedule and needs in due time from any place by phone and email.
Intercultural Coaching
Managers today work in a dynamic, complex, uncertain and very competitive environment. To be successful, they must attain new levels of awareness, knowledge and skills.


Intercultural Coaching

For those who want to achieve business success, interpersonal skills are always at the top of leadership competencies. Even when interacting with people from the same culture, misunderstandings and failures are daily occurrence. When interacting with people from diverse cultures, the scope for misunderstandings and failures is far greater, and interpersonal skills become critical to individual and organizational success.

Coaching will help managers in enhancing performance and achieving superior results, to maximize the opportunities and successes of intercultural management.