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"I only had a global idea about coaching when I started my first session with Anne-Marie. Now, I could say it enriched my personnal and professional experience. Before being coaching, I underestimated my skills and potential. It's amazing to see how coaching can help you to optimize your proficiency, ability and competence.

2 years ago, I decided to leave Europe for Bangkok with projects in my head and expertise in my suitcase. Whether I have a strong expertise in many fields including intercultural work and relationship, coaching really helped me to strenghten and properly use it, according the situation". Thanks to coaching my realisations will be more fabulous".

Thank you Anne-Marie.






"I would say that my coach has a special ability to spot where the problem is and to lead me to find by myself what it is about exactly. And when you find by yourself it is really different ... than having somebody who tells you what is right what is wrong".

Sabine DAVID





"Changing of live, creating my own business in an expatriate place is not so easy whether we have decided that change. Anne-Marie saw I was a little bit lost and propose to meet me for coaching. After many years in the same job, I was completely locked into a business system mould and had a bad image of my self. So I decided to take this opportunity to completely change that and acquire more self-confidence.

Anne-Marie accepted the challenge and helped me to make me discover that anything is already inside of me and teach me tools to highlight it by myself. Every time we meet, she brings me a lot of positive energy. Now when I look back, I have the satisfaction to see all the work still accomplished by myself. We do not just work to resolve punctual problems, Anne-Marie teaches me how to find by myself MY best way, MY guideline and consider in a global view all the problems I can meet".

Thanks a lot, Anne-Marie.

Nicolas LANAUD





"Anne-Marie provides a lot of dynamism, which gives strength and energy. Her concentration along the session helps to stay focus on the subject with her ability to reformulate and her listening, she tries to really understand what I want to express.

This attitude makes me feel really listened and understood. Anne-Marie analyses shrewdly the situation. She is very creative and open, very interesting new perspectives worth considering. She lets me elaborate on how they will support me, will they be worth considering them. This allows me to project myself onto the future and to consider new avenues of reflection”.






"Anne-Marie always asked me open questions, which was sometimes difficult but on the other hand the perfect opportunity to find the answers within myself. She encouraged me to take action on the topics discussed. Her empowering approach helped me to be motivated to move forward. When I was looking to start my own business she helped me to get insight in how to get started, where to get all the information and where I should pay attention to".